1. The rented vehicle is to be returned at the renting location at the specified date, unless other pre-arrangements are made.
  2. If the CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) is accepted, your responsibility for damage is limited to
    US$ 500.00 (Fls.890.00) for car group A,B,C,D,R,P.J.
    CDW deductible for Car group G is USD 750.00 (FLS 1353.50).
    When the CDW is not accepted (declined), you will be fully liable for all damage up to the full value.
  3. Theft Protection (TP) is mandatory US$2.00 (Fls.3.56) with deductible of US$ 200.00 TP covers only joyriding and stolen parts of the vehicle. (Personal effects and belongings of renter not covered). We advise you not to leave any valuables in the car. If you are forced to leave anything, place this in the trunk. Hertz/Dollar/Thrifty cannot be held responsible for any loss and/or theft of valuables form the rented car.
    When you leave the car unattended, it should be locked at all times (doors, trunk) this will prevent theft.
  4. If an accident has been caused due to a traffic violation, i.e. driving faster then the law permits, driving thru a red traffic light etc. the insurance will be automatically declined (if accepted) and you will be responsible for all the costs of the damage caused to your rental car.
  5. In case of driving on unpaved and/or sandy roads, all risk and costs of damage, towing are for your own account. Your right of the CDW insurance (if accepted) will be declined automatically. Driving in the Christoffel Park is at your own risk. The insurance will not cover any damage and you are fully responsible for whatever damage.
  6. Each car is provided with a spare tire and the necessary tools. In case of a flat tire the renter is responsible for replacing this tire and also for the costs of repairing the flat tire.
  7. Only the renter and the authorized “additional drivers”, which are mentioned and specified on the rental agreement, are authorized to drive the car. In case of any accident and the driver is not mentioned as renter or “additional driver” on the contract, the insurance protection is voided, and you are responsible for the full value of the damage.
  8. The charge for an “additional driver” is US$ 5,00 (Fls. 8.90) per person per day and conditions are the same as the renter; at least 23 years of age and one year in the possession of a driver’s license. Renters of 22 years of age can rent a car, but a surcharge of US$ 6.00 (Fls.10.68) per day will apply.
  9.  Baby-seats are being rented for US$ 3.00 (Fls.5.34) per day.
  10. The cars are rented per day and a rental starts at the moment of rental plus 24 hours. The minimum rental period is one day. If a car is returned after this time, an hourly charge will apply, until the hourly charge equals the daily rate (4 hours).
  11. The rental car should be returned with the same amount of FUEL as received. If this amount is LESS, we will charge the difference on the contract. This charge will be higher than the normal rates at the gas station. NO REFUNDS on gasoline are made.
  12. In case of joyriding/theft you have to notify the police department, telephone 911 in case of an accident call CRS (Curaçao Road Services); telephone : 199, the insurance companies require a police report and CRS Accident Report. If the police and/or the CRS agent is not notified the insurance protection is voided and you will be responsible for the full value of the damage. You have to notify Hertz Rent-A-Car immediately in case of an accident and/or joyriding. A damage report has to be signed, within 24 hours of the accident at our Main Office at the F.D. Rooseveltweg 503, Willemstad. In case that you can not provide us such a report, your right of the CDW insurance (if accepted) will be declined, and you will be responsible for all the costs of the damage, caused to your rental car.
  13.  If the car keys of the rented car are lost, US$ 300.00 (Fls.534.00) will be charged on your rental agreement.
    If you have locked your keys in the vehicle a fee of US$ 14 (Fls.35) will be charged.
  14. For extremely dirty cars a fee of $ 75.00 (Seventy-five US dollars) will be charged.